Jan Pfeifer

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My project presents an original musical instrument which at the same time is a revitalisation of fences in urban parks. My goal was to create a space for meetings, play, audio experiences and dialogue dedicated to music, which more and more often we tend to receive passively. An urban instrument is supposed to encourage people to interact and play music together.

The project resulted from my observation of children in Bródnowski Park – passing the bridge, they hit fencing posts with sticks, which produced random sounds.

(born 1993)
Studies at the Faculty of Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (first-cycle 2012–2016, second-cycle from 2016). Professor Wanda Telakowska scholarship, Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw (2016). Awarded at The International Sculpture Competition “Spatial Wicker Forms” (2015), Young Design (2016) and international competition for young designers make me! 2016. Since 2014 he has collaborated on the project Observatory implemented by the design studio MALAFOR. He has collaborated with a Warsaw-based craft workshop Abażury (Lampshades).