Marta Turos

author biographical note degree piece

For me, disconnection and penetration are associated with the concept of motion. Relationships between the existent and non-existent are forged; between the essence and the phenomenon. Disconnection may have negative associations (demolition, decay), but also positive ones (building, creating, composing). The concepts of connecting and disconnecting are complementary.

I made my degree pieces on metal sheet support. I was inspired by their shimmering, cold, vibrant nature, by their unpredictability. To some extent metal has brought three-dimensionality to the pieces, it lets the audience in its space, in the play of light, into its world. During creation of the pieces, I strived to show the light in the painting. In a way, use of metal let me capture it.

(born 1984)
Studied at the Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art (2006–2014) and the Faculty of Painting (2012–2016) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. She works in painting, gilding and painting conservation. 3rd prize in the Bright Spring competition organised by Heitman (2013), master’s degree dissertation awarded in the General Conservator and Historical Monuments & Art Conservators Association General Board competition for best study, research and dissemination papers related to protection of monuments and museum studies (2015). Participated in saving of historical monuments in Romania and Lebanon.