Małgorzata Mróz

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The project of revitalisation of the Home of Visual Artists has been an attempt to draw attention to one of the most interesting examples of pre-war modernist architecture. It is a facility with a huge potential, the more so, because it has never been completed which gives an excuse to draw plans of its final composition.

The major goal of the project was to organise the space and create a harmonious whole: from the main body of the building to the finishing details, from landscape design to elements of visual communication. The proposed solution implies adding a new part to the building (necessary for such a functionally complex object) which would close the premises at Łobzowska Street, on the one hand being a reference to window divisions of the historic part, and on the other highlighting different time of creation with materials and colours used. The interior design is characterised by minimalism, clear vertical and horizontal divisions relate to the facade of the building; the space is bright, in soft colours, with contrasting dark gray accents. The annex to the degree piece – a landscaping design – complements the architecture and is an attempt to place the entire complex in the urban space.

(born 1992)
Studied at the Faculty of Interior Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the years 2011–2016. Rector’s scholarship for the best students of the Academy in the year 2015/16. Interior, furniture, landscape and graphic designer, works also in photography, professionally active in the field of graphic design and branding. Participated in exhibition Wawa Design Festival, 2014.